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Out of Town Cases

“Visit Savannah on vacation, leave on probation.”

Have you been arrested while visiting Savannah, GA?

Savannah is a great place to visit. We have wonderful weather, friendly people, and nightlife beyond compare. Unfortunately, many tourists are arrested and get an unexpected tour of the jail, or as we jokingly call it “The Chatham Inn.”

In all seriousness, out-of-state and tourist arrests in Savannah and the surrounding area are usually related to alcohol or speeding. If you have found yourself in an unfortunate circumstance such as this, and you reside out of town, the Savannah defense law firm of Goad Law, LLC can help. In many instances, a tourist arrest or violation for an out-of-state defendant can be handled by your Savannah defense attorney from start to finish without you even appearing for court a single time. Call Stacey Goad to discuss your case and your options.

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What Our Satisfied Clients Say About Us

"Worth Every Penny"

I talked to Ms. Goad and a bunch of other lawyers over the phone, and liked her but she quoted me a rate a little higher than another lawyer in town. Like an idiot I hired the other lawyer and then I was arrested for the warrant I had.

That other lawyer never even tried to get me a bond. I had my mom call Stacey back and hire her. Stacey visited me immediately and got me out of jail ASAP!!! Then she worked out my case so I just have some probation. I think I’d still be in jail if we hadn’t hired her.

Don’t be a moron and go cheap, I’d still be in jail. I tell everybody I know she’s DAMN good!


Talk to Stacey Goad: 912-209-9000

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