Criminal Defense Attorney In Hinesville, GA

Have you been arrested in Hinesville, GA? Accused of a crime and you need someone to fight for your rights and defend you or someone you love? The Atlantic Law Firm fights for justice for all!

Criminal Defense Lawyer In Hinesville, GA

Every state has a code or statute that outlines all behaviors and offenses that are considered criminal. For the State of Georgia, these definitions can be found in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.). Although many crimes are universal no matter what state you are in, some crimes may not even be considered a crime in another state.

Hinesville is located in Liberty County. The crime rate in Liberty County is considered higher than in the average U.S. county. However, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation records, that is not the case. In 2021, theft and burglary were among the most common crimes.

Have you been arrested in Hinesville, GA? Accused of a crime and you need someone to fight for your rights and defend you or someone you love?

The Atlantic Law Firm fights for justice for all!

With Stacey M. Goad’s experience as a former prosecutor and experienced criminal defense attorney, her office can get results in the very complex and frustrating criminal justice system. If you want to win, you need an attorney that not only has experience but also has a good relationship with prosecutors, judges and court staff in Hinesville, GA. Knowledge is power, and our office has gone above and beyond to obtain training and experience so that we can offer our clients excellence in representation and exploring all legal avenues when they are accused of a crime.

 What Does a Hinesville, GA Criminal Defense Attorney Lawyer Do?

If you are at risk for criminal prosecution and sentencing in Hinesville, GA, you will need an attorney who understands Georgia’s criminal justice system inside and out and can help you avoid charges entirely. 

In the criminal justice system, the possibility that a criminal conviction results in long-term imprisonment and substantial fines always exists. 

Stacey M. Goad is a proven Georgia criminal defense lawyer who has helped countless clients avoid decades of prison time and saved them thousands, if not millions of dollars in fines, outright. If you have been arrested in Hinesville, GA you can call us today for a free and confidential case assessment.

What Types of Criminal Charges Can a Hinesville, GA Criminal Defense Lawyer Help You With?

Criminal charges in Georgia are classified as misdemeanors and felonies in levels of severity. Misdemeanor offenses are considered less serious crimes with a maximum potential penalty of one year in prison. On the other hand, felony crimes carry a minimum potential penalty of one year in prison. However, serious offenses such as murder or armed robbery are typically considered capital offenses that carry long prison terms or even the death penalty.

Even though every criminal charge carries its own potential punishment, penalties can increase depending on the circumstances of the criminal case as well as your prior criminal history.

If you are being investigated or charged with a criminal offense, seeking legal help is essential. Many people think that if you are arrested, you don’t have any legal rights. But that is not true. Regardless of the criminal law charges you face, you have the right to defend yourself and be considered innocent until proven guilty.

The Atlantic Law Firm can help with the following crimes:

  • DUI
  • Assault & Battery
  • Sex Crimes
  • Drug crimes

Driving Under the Influence DUI

There are many opportunities for a strong defense in Hinesville, GA DUI cases with State-administered results. DUI cases with blood and/or breath tests as evidence are beaten every day. For one, was the stop legal? Many cases can be dismissed because of illegal stops. Second, was there enough evidence – probable cause – to arrest you for driving while impaired in the first place? If not, Hinesville, GA DUI lawyer Stacey M. Goad will file the pre-trial motions and fight to have your case dismissed long before it ever reaches a jury. Third, did the police officer correctly read you the implied consent rights? This is the most common source of police error in DUI cases.

Assault & Battery

Violent Crime cases in Hinesville, GA are offenses, like assault and battery, that usually involve causing bodily harm to another, threatening to cause bodily harm, or other actions committed against the will of an individual. An aggravated offense is a violent crime that occurs when the crime is made worse or more serious due to certain circumstances such as using a deadly weapon. Aggravated offenses come with more severe penalties. If you have been accused of a violent crime in Hinesville, GA, contact The Atlantic Law Firm today.

Sex Crimes

Most of our Hinesville, GA clients facing criminal charges for a sex offense have never been accused of a crime in their lives before they are blindsided by accusations of an alleged sex offense. The motivation seems to vary from one accuser to the next. But one thing is always true- the defendant’s life is forever changed. Click the button below if you have been accused of a sex crime in Hinesville, GA.

Drug Crimes

Have you been arrested for drug possession in Hinesville, GA? Call Stacey M. Goad today for an honest assessment of your case including any mistakes law enforcement may have made in your apprehension, detention, and search or seizure of your home or property. The Atlantic Law Firm is experienced in defending drug cases in Hinesville, GA. Click the button below to learn more.

Find a Criminal Defense Attorney In Hinesville, GA

The Atlantic Law Firm has an impressive record of success in Georgia and focuses exclusively on criminal defense cases. 

Our firm has a history of successfully representing individuals and corporate clients in a multitude of Georgia criminal cases. As a Georgia criminal defense firm, The Atlantic Law Firm has a proven track record of success and over a decade’s worth of experience. As a former prosecutor herself, Stacey M. Goad has the unique experience to expertly defend your case and protect your rights.

From bond hearings to jury trials, our criminal defense law firm provides aggressive legal representation to residents of Hinesville, GA and the surrounding areas. Stacey M. Goad is a criminal defense attorney fighting for the rights of good people, just like you, accused of criminal conduct in the Coastal Empire and beyond.


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