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Stacey Goad used to build cases for the State of Georgia. Now she tears them apart.

Stacey Goad is one of Georgia’s most trusted criminal defense attorneys.

Attorney Stacey M. Goad

Coastal Georgia’s Choice for Serious Criminal and DUI Defense.

From bond hearings to jury trials, our criminal defense law firm provides aggressive legal representation. I am a criminal defense attorney based out of Savannah, Georgia fighting for the rights of good people, just like you, accused of criminal conduct in the Coastal Empire and beyond.

For years, I practiced as a prosecuting attorney in metro Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia. Now, I use that experience to benefit you at my Savannah criminal defense law firm by upholding your constitutional rights and zealously defending you at every stage of the criminal process. I used to build cases for the State of Georgia. Now, I tear them apart. That’s exactly what I do for my clients every day.

If you or someone you love has a legal question- do not wait. The worst mistake you can make is to hesitate. Contact my criminal defense law firm now for a free consultation.

Law enforcement can, and will, use any permissible tactic to convict you of a crime. Make sure you have an aggressive Savannah advocate on your side to prevent this from happening.

Stacey M. Goad | Criminal Defense Attorney, Savannah, GA

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