Out-of-Town Criminal Cases in Savannah GA

“Visit Savannah on vacation, leave on probation.” Read more about out-of-town criminal cases in Savannah, GA, in this guide prepared by The Atlantic Law Firm.

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Have You Been Arrested while Visiting Savannah, GA?

Each year, thousands visit Savannah for our wonderful weather, friendly people, and nightlife beyond compare. Unfortunately, many tourists are arrested and get an unexpected tour of the jail, or as we jokingly call it “The Chatham Inn.”

In all seriousness, facing charges in a completely different state from your own can be daunting.

But, a local criminal defense attorney can research the circumstances surrounding the case on your behalf, talk to the police, determine the possibility of a plea deal, and handle interviewing witnesses.


Facing Criminal Charges in Another State


Being involved in a criminal case in another state can bring a lot of obstacles. For example, sticking around to help the police with their investigation can be a logistical issue. Also, you may have to appear in court and post bail. Traveling between states to appear in different court proceedings can be costly and significantly disrupt your life back home.

Bear in mind that if you are charged with a crime in another state, you will be subject to that state’s jurisdiction and laws. Every state has its own set of laws that will apply to your criminal case as well. So regardless of where you are from, if you are charged with a crime in Savannah, GA, the State of Georgia will have jurisdiction to prosecute the offense. 

Navigating any criminal justice system can be complex, even more so if you are from out of state. Familiarizing yourself with that state’s criminal procedure can be helpful to your case, as well as hiring a local defense lawyer experienced with criminal cases.

DUI Charges and Drug Crimes in the State of Georgia

In Georgia, it’s a crime to drive under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, drugs, or the combined influence of any of these substances. If Savannah police officers have pulled you over and arrested you on suspicion of drunk driving, you can face penalties just as anyone else.

Your penalties can range from jail time, fines, mandatory counseling, community service, and anything else the court deems appropriate. A Georgia DUI conviction will be reported to your home state. That can result in losing driving privileges in Georgia as well as your home state.

Facing drug charges in Georgia can be even more serious and stressful. Penalties and consequences for these criminal acts will depend on the type of drug involved, its amount, and whether the drug was transported across state lines. Imprisonment time also ranges from up to a year in jail to 40 years in prison and harsh fines.

Whatever criminal charge you may be facing, hiring legal professionals who can craft a strong defense can be crucial to winning your case. They can challenge police-gathered evidence, incorrectly performed sobriety tests, or use other defenses that could lead to the courts dismissing your case.

At The Atlantic Law Firm, we understand the anxiety that comes with being the subject of criminal investigations, especially if you are from another state. Our criminal defense law firm can help with these and other crimes, such as violent offenses and sex crimes. Let our Savannah GA criminal defense attorney guide you through this challenging time.

Can You Leave the State With Pending Felony Charges?


If you are held in jail pending trial, you will be entitled to a bail hearing and a defense attorney if you can’t afford one. Whether you’ll be able to leave the state that has charged you with a felony crime depends on different factors. For example, the judge can release you on bail pending trial. But that can include certain conditions, such as not leaving that state.

Even if you are able to leave the state, that doesn’t mean you should. It also doesn’t mean you’ll avoid prosecution if you leave the state.

Bear in mind that the judge can set higher bail for an out-of-state individual. And if that individual posts bail and leaves that state, the judge can issue a warrant for their arrest. In other words, police in your state can extradite you to the state that has issued an arrest warrant against you.

On the other hand, if you are facing a misdemeanor charge, the defendant may have the option to be represented by an attorney. They can appear before the judge instead of the defendant and handle the entire case. Even if you are charged with an infraction, you may want to consult with a local lawyer. In some states, simply paying fines can be considered a guilty plea, which may have further implications.


How Can We Help?


If you are from another state but facing charges in Savannah, Georgia, it can be beneficial to hire a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer located in the area to help you navigate the criminal investigation and your case.

Attorney Stacey M. Goad frequently represents nice people in bad circumstances such as these. Give us a call today. She’ll tell you exactly how we can help you avoid some of the inconveniences related to facing charges a long way from home.

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