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In Georgia and other US states, it is a crime to drive or operate a vehicle while drunk or under the influence of any substance.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Savannah, GA, it is important that you understand your rights, the charges against you, and the potential penalties you may face. While the information here can provide some insight, you may need an experienced DUI attorney to provide more personalized information for your unique circumstances.

DUI lawyers are criminal defense lawyers who represent those charged with DUIs and related crimes such as reckless driving and sometimes boating under the influence (BUIs).

They understand the laws and technicalities that apply in DUI cases and can put this knowledge to use while working to ensure a positive outcome for you and minimize the consequences of your charges.

Elements of Georgia DUI Crimes

Contrary to popular opinion, a DUI is more than just a drunk driving offense. There are several important aspects of this crime under the Georgia Code, and it is important to understand each one to help you prepare for your defense.

The Georgia Code prohibits driving:

  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Under the intentional influence of any glue, aerosol, or toxic vapor
  • Under the combined influence of any of the above substances
  • With a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 grams or more ( or 0.02 grams for minor drivers)
  • After consuming marijuana or any other controlled substance.

The law recognizes that alcohol or drug consumption in small quantities might not affect a person’s ability to drive, so for the first three points above, the code creates an additional requirement.  For DUI charges brought under those heads, the prosecution would need to show that the accused person’s consumption of drugs or alcohol impaired their senses and made it unsafe for them to drive. An accused person may also be able to establish a suitable DUI defense if they can show that their consumption of those substances did not affect their driving in any way.

Also, if you’re on any prescription medication that dulls your senses or leads to intoxication, you might need to avoid driving until its effects wear off. This is because the fact that you’re legally entitled to take those drugs is not a recognized defense under the code. So, you could get arrested and charged with a DUI if your medication interferes with your driving abilities.

Classification of Georgia DUI Offenses

DUI charges or crimes are generally classified as misdemeanors and felonies depending on the accused person’s criminal record.

A first or second DUI is classified as a misdemeanor, while a third DUI is charged as a high and aggravated misdemeanor. A DUI becomes a felony if the accused has three or more prior DUI convictions.

The punishment for these offenses increases progressively with each prior conviction, with felony DUI punishments being the most severe.

    Penalties for DUI Offenses

    There are serious consequences for DUIs if you’re found guilty. The criminal penalties for DUI offenses include the following:

        • Payment of fines
        • Imprisonment
        • Community service
        • Completion of an approved alcohol or drug use risk reduction program
        • Mandatory clinical evaluation
        • Probation

    You could also face several administrative DUI penalties from the Georgia Department of Driver Services that could affect your driving privileges. Your driver’s license could be suspended or revoked. You may also be required to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle.

    It is important that you fight your DUI charges regardless of how minimal they might appear. While you may get off with little or no jail time, especially with misdemeanor charges and convictions, you’ll still have to bear the convict tag even after serving your sentence, which could affect the quality of your life.

    How Savannah DUI Lawyers Can Help

    If you’re dealing with a DUI arrest or charges, it is important to have a DUI lawyer to defend you to increase your chances of escaping your trial unscathed.

    Your DUI defense attorney can evaluate the facts of your case, beginning from your DUI arrest and the prosecution’s evidence against you, while looking out for any irregularities that could strengthen your defense.

    They can also help to ensure that you’re not bullied into accepting a plea bargain even when you have a good case. In appropriate circumstances, your lawyer can negotiate a more agreeable plea deal with the prosecutor when the outcome would benefit you more than going through a full trial.

    At all times, your lawyer will ensure that your constitutional rights are not violated and that all parties follow the proper criminal procedure. So, you can rest easy knowing that you have a formidable ally at your side throughout this difficult time, working to ensure a positive outcome for you.

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    Common Questions on Georgia DUI Law

    What Is the Look-Back Period for Georgia DUIs?

    The look-back period for Georgia DUI crimes is ten years. This period determines the class of offense and punishment for an accused person with a prior DUI conviction.

    For instance, if you’ve been found guilty of three DUIs within ten years, the fourth DUI within that time frame will be charged as a felony. But if your previous conviction(s) occurred over ten years ago, then a subsequent DUI may be charged as a misdemeanor.

    Can a DUI Conviction in Georgia Be Expunged?

    DUI convictions cannot be expunged under Georgia law, so your DUI criminal record remains open to the public forever. Hence it is important that you fight your DUI charges legally with all the resources at your disposal and with the help of your skilled Savannah Criminal Defense Attorney.

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