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Stacey M. Goad is one of Georgia’s most trusted criminal defense attorneys.

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National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Stacey M. Goad 180x180 1Recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Association “Top 100” since 2014.”

National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Stacey M. Goad 180x180 1Recognized by South Magazine as one of the South’s Finest Lawyers 3 years in a row.

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Strategic, Aggressive, and On Your Side.

The Atlantic Law Firm is a strategic and aggressive criminal defense firm with years of legal experience both in metro Atlanta and Savannah, GA. Stacey M. Goad has won hundreds of jury and bench trials.

Attorney Stacey M. Goad focuses solely on being a Savannah criminal defense attorney. Why does that matter? Most law firms do not have a concentration. Instead, they practice a little personal injury, a little small claims, a little family law, and a little criminal law. Because of this, criminal law clients often do not receive the legal advocacy or the respect they deserve. Stacey’s clients are her top priority. Each client receives her direct extension and an email address that is checked regularly, 7 days a week.

Her clients will tell you, she answers the phone, she responds to emails, and she gets results for her clients. Stacey fights for the rights of good people, just like you, accused of criminal conduct in the Coastal Empire and beyond. For years, she practiced as a well-respected, prosecuting attorney. Now, that experience benefits her clients every day. Stacey used to build cases for the State of Georgia.

Now she tears them apart. If you or someone you love has a legal question- do not wait. The worst mistake you can make is to hesitate. Law enforcement can, and will, use any permissible tactic to convict you of a crime. Make sure you have an aggressive legal advocate on your side to prevent this from happening.

Stacey M. Goad | Criminal Defense Attorney, Savannah, GA

912-209-9000 | [email protected]

The Atlantic Law Firm Focuses Exclusively On Criminal Defense Cases.

What Our Satisfied Clients Say About Us

I was charged with four charges that I could possibly face jail time,Stacey strived to get all charges dropped and I received reckless driving instead of a DUI charge. She also got me off from doing community service, and probation once fines were paid, I would definitely recommend her to anyone who’s going through any DUI issues.Stacey M. Goad is absolutely the best!!!


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Stacey provided excellent professional representation in my case, with the resolution better than I could have hoped for! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in need of an exceptional attorney. She is the Real Deal.


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“Worth Every Penny”
I talked to Ms. Goad and a bunch of other lawyers over the phone, and liked her but she quoted me a rate a little higher than another lawyer in town. Like an idiot I hired the other lawyer and then I was arrested for the warrant I had.

That other lawyer never even tried to get me a bond. I had my mom call Stacey back and hire her. Stacey visited me immediately and got me out of jail ASAP!!! Then she worked out my case so I just have some probation. I think I’d still be in jail if we hadn’t hired her.

Don’t be a moron and go cheap, I’d still be in jail. I tell everybody I know she’s DAMN good!


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Stacey provided excellent legal representation for my son. She also communicated with me regularly during the entire


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“Sharp, Savvy, Stacey”
Ms. Goad is a former prosecutor, and knows how they think, but she’s not cynical, and seems to truly care about proving her clients with the best possible defense. She’s down to earth and personable, but sharp as a tack and very professional. I am not a fan of the legal system or of most attorneys, buy I a fan of Ms. Goud, and recommend her highly


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I bumped into Stacy and I can’t believe she still remembered me. She got my charges dropped down and I took my first offenders. Thats been years ago. When she saw me she remembered me and even asked if Id gone to school for music like I hoped back then. She’s a good lawyer and really cares. I’m never going to need her again but if somebody reading this does I know you should call her 1st


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“The BEST Lawyer in Savannah !!!!”
Hands down Stacey is the BEST lawyer!! She was there for me the entire time of my case!! She was honest and knowledgeable keeping me informed of everything. She gave me the good and the bad so I was knowing what I was going against. She had my back from day 1 and til the end. I will most definitely recommend her and keep her number just in case I need it again!!!


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We first tried to allow a public defender to help my son but we needdd communication and some assurance the lawyer could really Help us. We waited a long time and then called around. We hired a lawyer but never heard from him again. We were at our wits end when we found Stacey M. Goad. She made all the difference. She handled the situation and in the meantime she emailed us any time she had an update and we were able to get our questions andwered whenever we had them. It took a long time but the wait was worth it and her level needs to be known.


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“Someone to Trust When You Need It”
Stacey kept me in the loop the entire time, was completely honest with me about my situation and options, and always showed how much she cared about my personal outcome not just “closing” the case and moving on. Also, she has been readily available for any further questions/concerns well after the court date completion. As a professional myself I could not give a higher recommendation if you find yourself in need. I hope you never have to meet her under these circumstances. But, if you do find yourself in the situation you won’t regret choosing her. You’ll need someone to trust and count on.


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“Best Attorney Ever”
All I can say is…WOW. I have dealt with many Attorneys over the years and Stacey is hands down the best. After10 years dealing with the legal system with my son Stacey got us the best deal as if this was our first time in the system. I would HIGHLY recommend Stacey M. Goad. She’s worth every dime. I really thought all Attorneys were the same but Stacey proved that she really cared about our problems.


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