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Savannah Violent Crime Cases

“As a former Special Victims Unit prosecutor, Stacey defends her clients with a level of skill and professionalism others simply cannot match.”

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Violent Crimes in Savannah are offenses, like assault and battery, that usually involve causing bodily harm to another, threatening to cause bodily harm, or other actions committed against the will of an individual. An aggravated offense is a violent crime which occurs when the crime is made worse or more serious due to certain circumstances such as using a deadly weapon. Aggravated offenses come with more severe penalties.

Stacey M. Goad has over a decade of experience both prosecuting and defending violent crime in Savannah. She is familiar with the subtle differences that distinguish each of the crimes and can help you build a strong defense. Don’t wait because you and your loved one’s future depends on it. Call today for a free Savannah violent crime consultation.

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As A Former Prosecutor, Stacey Goad Is Experienced In Violent Crime Cases

A conviction for a violent crime carries significant penalties and collateral consequences.  Let Stacey M. Goad’s years of experience work for you. Contact Goad Law, LLC from the very beginning so we can start preparing the best defense.

Aggravated assault can occur in a variety of ways. The first way happens when a person attempts to commit a violent injury to another. The second way is when a person commits an act that places another in fear of immediately receiving a violent injury.

Aggravated battery occurs when a person maliciously causes bodily harm to another. This can happen by depriving them of a member of their body, by rendering a member of their body useless, or by seriously disfiguring his or her body or a part of the body.

A person has committed assault when they attempt to commit a violent injury to another. The second way a person can be guilty of assault is when they commit an act that places another in reasonable apprehension of immediately receiving a violent injury.

A person commits battery when they intentionally cause visible bodily harm to another.

Cruelty to children is broken down into three different degrees. First and second degree are felony offenses. A third degree cruelty to children charge can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. A person commits cruelty to children when they jeopardize the well-being of a child under 18 years of age. 

False imprisonment occurs when a person in violation of the personal liberty of another, arrests, confines, or detains another person without legal authority.

Felony murder occurs when a person commits murder while committing a felony. The underlying felony could be burglary, rape, kidnapping, or arson. The penalty for a felony murder conviction is life in prison or the death penalty. 

The crime of hazing occurs when a person is subjected to an activity which endangers or is likely to endanger the physical health of a student. It does not matter whether the student willingly participated in the activity or not. 

Involuntary manslaughter is a type of crime that results in the death of another. It occurs when there is an unintentional killing resulting from recklessness or criminal negligence.

In Georgia, kidnapping occurs when a person abducts or steals away another person without lawful authority or warrant and holds such person against his or her will. Georgia law states that even a slight movement will be enough to constitute kidnapping.

The crime of murder occurs when a person unlawfully causes the death of another. Georgia law also requires that the crime is premeditated. Murder can be in the first or second degree. 

There is not a set definition of what constitutes reckless conduct. Instead, it is compared to how a reasonable person would act in the situation. Reckless conduct occurs when a person causes bodily harm or endangers the bodily safety of another person by consciously disregarding a substantial risk that his act will cause harm or endanger the safety of the other person.

There are three different types of battery: simple battery, battery, and aggravated battery. Simple battery occurs when a person either intentionally makes physically contact of an insulting or provoking nature with the person of another. Another way it can occur is when a person intentionally causes physical harm to another.

Many people do not understand the difference between voluntary and involuntary manslaughter. Voluntary manslaughter occurs when a person causes the death of another acting out of a sudden, violent, and irresistible passion resulting from serious provocation. The difference between murder and voluntary manslaughter is that the killing is done in the heat of the moment. Murder requires that there is malice aforethought or deliberation. 

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